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Eat Me!

The Huxley food menu has just had its seasonal shake up and the new additions are looking pretty special.


An early favourite is the soft shell crab sandwich- served on a sesame bun with tomato, avocado and a chipotle mayo, this sandwich is much too good for just lunchtime so you can order it all day!


Team Huxley have hit the slopes of Courchevel hard this year and come home with inspiration for the new Alpine burger- our deliciously juicey chuck steak burgers topped with reblochon cheese, Alsace bacon, sautéed mushroom and onions – an après ski treat for your après work blues.


Not to be outdone, the small plates have some snazzy newcomers too- like our corned beef hash topped with a fried duck egg and a handy bottle of tabasco on the side. Our corned beef has never seen the inside of a tin- it is lovingly homemade in house by soaking the beef in brine for two whole weeks. That’s some dedicated prep but it is sooo worth it!


Team Huxley have been chowing down on chilli cheese fries for some time now and we like them so much we put them on the menu. Who needs nachos? This is the true king of bar bite! We now also have spicy tuna tostadas, frickles, shellfish popcorn, the celebrated return of the Vietnamese spring rolls and much more…this might just be our favourite menu yet…until the next one!