We asked chef David Haetzman to talk about The Huxley’s Roast Beef sandwich….

“Great quality beef is obviously our thing and we wanted to create a sandwich that is a bit different to the standard ‘steak sandwich’ that you commonly find.


The original inspiration came from The Food Network show Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives. This particular episode featured a beef sandwich from Cutty’s, an award-winning venue in the US. We came back to the kitchen to see how we could interpret it for our menu with a few quirks to make it really fresh and exciting when paired with our top quality produce.


The main attraction is the beef itself, for which we use a Chuck cut which is salted overnight to break down the enzymes in the meat and make it really tender. It is then slow roasted until it is pink, juicy and melts in the mouth. It is topped with crispy shallots, thousand island dressing and a mild cheddar. A soft and sweet brioche style bun finishes everything off then it is put in a contact grill to give the bun a nice crunch.”


Sounds like a wonderful addition to an already delicious menu. Now excuse me, I’m just off to The Huxley for lunch… you coming?